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You know, those moments where you either feel like a horrible parent and/or wish you could save your children from the pain they are experiencing. My first time experiencing this was when Delta was 6months old with a UTI and she would projectile vomit every time we tried to give her antibiotics.

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To write a birth plan or not - that is the question. I think it's probably better to call it a 'Birth Guide' or 'Birthing Hopes and Wishes.' It's so easy to write a plan and if that plan doesn't actually go according to plan get really upset about it which can really effect you after birth.

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Well, it's now May!! and I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant, what the actual heck! Time is flying by and while I somewhat feel accomplished with that time, I also feel like theres so much more I want to do. I was attempting to do a 'no spend month' for the month of April and to be honest it was a big fat fail.

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