I feel like in life with kids some chapters are easier and some are harder. Right now I feel like we’re in a hard/challenging chapter! To the point where I am fearful to leave the house with them. I feel bad saying this but it’s true! The tantrums are almost unbearable and definitely unpredictable. It’s normally just me and the two kids and I feel out numbered and stuck in a situation when all goes crazy and both are having meltdowns! It’s been so hard that I was honestly avoiding these situations which was then making me feel housebound.

I was recently gifted the UPPAbaby CRUZ to write a review on and have been trialing it for the past 2 months. I can honestly say it has 100% given me my freedom back. I am still scared to leave the house with them don’t get me wrong but the CRUZ has helped me to be able to evacuate those tantrum situations and get out fast . I feel better about bringing the kids places I know there will be a lot of walking and they LOVE it too!

We were sent the PiggyBack ride along board with it and both kids really enjoy taking turns between the ride on and in the seat. Its also not massive like a lot of other strollers. It’s small and compact which is perfect for getting around the city and doesn’t take up our entire trunk space to bring it out with us!

Some other features I love are that the seat is forward facing as well as rear facing. Even with forest being 2 I still love having the option to have him rear facing, especially while snacking. It takes away my fears of him choking and not being able to see him as well as being able to talk to him and see his cute face and cheeky grin!

The storage under the stroller also holds so much stuff and comfortably! You can push it one handed with ease, carrying two children, all their toys, snacks and a trip of full groceries without being too heavy!

They also have great add on accessories that you can get as your child grows, the CRUZ grows with you. From the Infant car seat adapters, Snack Tray and PiggyBack ride along board I highly recommend this beautiful compact stroller, perfect for every situation.