Dynasty is one of the most beautiful boutique plant stores in downtown Toronto. They carefully and thoughtfully handpick each plant individually and the shopping experience is one that will keep you coming back! I’ve started filling our home with more plants and have been feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of being a plant mom. From my Fiddle leaf fig dropping all its leaves to my Aloe needing more love. They answered all my questions!!

Hi! Thank you so much for chatting with me!

Which plants would you recommend for a first time plant parent?

Snake plants are a great first plant. They’re happy in any lighting but full direct sun, they only need water once or twice a month and according to NASA they’re the best at purifying the air.

Which would you recommend for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens?

The type of room does not matter to the plant it’s all about the right lighting and care.

What would be a good ‘easy’ plant as a gift?

Easy low light plants are snakes and Zanzibar gems. Both only need water once or twice a month. A pothos is another great option for something more leafy but they like water once a week. For a brighter or full sun place you’ve got more options but cacti are definitely the easiest.

Do you have a rule for taking care of all your plants or does it vary from plant to plant?

It varies but my rule is don’t drown them and don’t forget about them.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are very ‘Instagram’ popular but what are the health benefits of having them and what type of rooms are they best suited for?

Figs are happiest in a bright room with minimal direct sun on the leaves. Ideally in a southern window or beside a western window. With a healthy drink of water at least once a week.

Figs will also help purify the air but you’ll need a huge one or a few to really notice the benefits.

What plants are your most popular/in high demand right now?

This summer people have been loving large leaf plants like the bird of paradise and Alocasia varieties.

Are plant warranties a thing to ask about when buying a plant?

With improper care it’s easy to do damage to a plant so we don’t offer a warranty. But sometimes plants come with pests from the green house and then we’ll do our best to treat them or replace the plant.

What plants are better suited for darker rooms?

Snake plants and Zanzibar gems are the safest bet when it comes to low light.

I hope that answered a lot of your plant questions because it did mine! If you have any other plant questions or needs pop into Dynasty at 1086 Queen Street West, Toronto and follow them on Instagram @dynastytoronto