There are some places in the world that just feel like home and for me California is #1 on that list! The sun, the hikes, farmers markets, theres always something to do. To me it’s definitly one of the most comfortable place to live. I think it also has to do with the fact that I did live there with my parents for a little while pre children too. During that time I met some of my very best girlfriends. Back then I was heavy in the concert going scene (oh the freedom we have pre children!) and I kept running into these same girls at these shows and after parties and we quickly became friends. It’s actually crazy to think about making friends organically these days. I also think sometimes how glad I am that durning that time social media was not around to document us HA!

ANYWAYS! This trip to California was for one of those girls and she was getting married!! When I first arrived we did last min wedding things and got our nails done at the most adorable spot called Olive + June. That night we stayed in Venice Beach and the next morning we were off in the car driving up to Los Olivos. It is quite possibly the sweetest little wine town where we wore flowy dresses and bounced around like carefree girls from wine tasting to wine tasting. It felt so good and carefree! The next day was the wedding and it was such a magical and intimate event. I love a small wedding and this was by far one of my favourites! I was already crying before Summer came out in her wedding dress and it was just so beautiful hearing two people publicly confess their love for one another! I was a snotty mess and forgot to bring tissues!!

After the wedding we partied until the early hours of the morning!! Something I haven’t done in YEARS! I will admit, I was also the drunkest i’ve been in years as well. It was also the most fun I’ve had in years! You know those friends that make you belly laugh, laugh so hard you might pee, laugh so hard someone always snorts and then laughs more. Thats these girls. It was SO much fun!

The morning after was rough HAHA! We had to check out of our cute little bungalows at 11 and then drive up to San Louis Obispo to stay at The Madonna Inn. Now if you haven’t seen or heard of this hotel before click here to see what it is! It’s the coolest hotel with so much history and all the rooms have really wild different themes! Our time there was very relaxed! Unfortunately it wasn’t sunny enough to lay by the pool and get a bit of a tan but the pools were so warm it was so nice to just lounge around! I also had a chance to catch up with another girlfriend of mine who lives in SLO and it was so great to see her too! She’s also one of those friends that you just get each other and hanging out is easy. It was SO nice! I did actually manage to fit in a couple workouts at the hotel gym too and even woke up early enough one morning to hike the Cerro San Louis. All up hill and a hard hike but felt so good doing it. When I used to live in California with my parents I spent most of my days hiking and I really miss it living in Toronto now!

After our couple days at the Madonna Inn we headed back to Venice Beach for a night before heading out to Palm Springs. Palm Springs was EVERYTHING and MORE!! I fell in love!! From the magical windmills to beautifully decorated hotels and desert heat it was love at first sight.

We stayed at literally the most magical hotel ever called L’Horizon. Just to paint you a picture my girlfriends and I were greeted with champagne and as we were escorted to our room there were baby bunnies hopping all over the perfectly cut grass. IT. WAS. MAGICAL.

After check in we quickly got into our bathing suits and went straight for the pool! We had fun swimming and and shooting fun photos in ‘The Residence’ and using the private pool. We uber eats Native Food from across the street and seriously just lived our best life. Relaxing and Indulging. After the sun went down we pigged out on Native nachos in bed and passed out. The next morning I was up early and wanted to work out but opted to sit in the sun and journal instead. It was so relaxing and something I’ve kept up since being home. Taking that moment when I can to just sit and write is so good to clear my head. We spent the rest of the morning laying by the pool and soaking up as much sun as possible before we had to drive back to LA! I was flying back home that night and as much as I was missing the kids and ready to be home I was definitely not ready to leave!

I’m already planning my next trip back to stay at L’Horizon for a week and do a cleansing week of relaxation, yoga and good healthy food!! This trip was such a good reminder to hold your true friends close. Make the effort and plan the trips! It’s so easy to keep saying yes lets get together over and over again and not do anything. It takes effort to actually follow through and trust me, it’s worth it!

We’re already planning another girls trip to Nashville in September and I CAN’T WAIT!